Managing the Flood Gates

Managing the Flood Gates as Event Planning Returns



We have been waiting, hoping, praying, and looking forward to this moment for over a year—people are ready to meet again. Clients are sending RFPs (Request for Proposal), booking events, and are considering various cities to host their events. We are once again seeing increased interest in utilizing our DMC (Destination Management Company) services in Asheville. Clients want DMC planning time for Charlotte. They want unique venues and experiences in Raleigh and Greenville. They are looking for tours and activities in Charlotte and Asheville. Bottom line, the RFPs are coming. And we are excited. But this is a friendly reminder that we also need a little empathy and understanding. 

The event industry has been completely decimated by Covid-19. At Mosaix Group, we have been fortunate. We have stayed busy with amazing virtual events and with our customizable gifting program, MoxBoxes. Many of our partners, suppliers and vendors have not been so lucky. They have scaled back their crew, limited their hours, made changes to absorb the deafening blow that Covid has been to our industry. Many of them are still managing amazing companies and creating fantastic tours and activities but everything is taking a little longer. They are working with fewer resources and even fewer people. It is taking a little more time for them to get back to us and therefore, for us to get back to you. The whole industry is feeling this pain. Hang in there. We are excited. But our industry has been through the wringer. The industry is coming back to life with excitement and zest – but not all the players are in place quite yet. 

We are being extremely careful in our due diligence efforts on behalf of our clients to ensure that we are working with the best suppliers for not only an amazing experience, but also to mitigate all financial risks. This is what we do. We are here to vet out every aspect and vendor for your program. In Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh, and really, all around the country or world, we are being meticulous with our planning to ensure quality and risk mitigation on every level. This takes a little time, especially when our suppliers have less to work with. 

We are slammed with proposals, and we LOVE IT! We cannot wait to deliver amazing experiences, tours, activities, dinners, and more. No matter how busy we are, we are taking time for due diligence. We know you want to get things moving quickly. We do too. But this takes a little time and taking this time is the best for all of us. 

Are we ready for you – heck yes! We are not only ready, but we are also excited and full of pent-up energy to welcome you and make this the best event ever. This is our gig. This is our jam. We have been waiting and cannot wait to welcome you with open arms (or a fist bump if you prefer!).

Melissa Murray, Mosaix Group Owner  

North Carolina based Meeting Planning Company | Asheville, Charlotte, Greenville, Raleigh DMC.