Event Technology

Don’t Recreate the Wheel

Keeping up with new software can be daunting no matter what field you work in, and event planning is no exception. Corporate planners often feel the need to invest in new event technology continuously to stay ahead of the curve. The reality is that many organizations are underutilizing their existing tools.

Instant messaging apps like Slack have exploded in popularity with event planners recently because they simplify remote communication. The app encourages users to keep thoughts brief and to the point. Slack makes it easy to create limited groups of people for specific topics. This ensures only relevant team members are included. It’s easy to opt in or choose to ignore messages that don’t need your input. Messaging apps also allow for ongoing brainstorming where people add thoughts as they occur to them.

Use What You Have

Slack is a powerful tool and a huge benefit to organizations of all sizes. But when it comes to paying for new apps, find out if you already have access to something similar. If your company uses any of the most popular business software suites, you may be able to find a suitable alternative. Things like Yammer, which comes packaged with Office365, or Hangouts Chat, which comes with G Suite, are solid choices.

There may be some instances where the free version just doesn’t cut it and you need to move to a paid app. For videoconferencing, Skype is included in Office365 and in most cases works very well to meet our needs. But it does require the user to download software. Something like Zoom has a much quicker, easier install and set up process. This is a huge plus when we aren’t sure what software or tools our client is using, and we don’t want to be faced with technical delays.

Adobe Creative Cloud, a necessity for us since we create event signage and event apps in house, also comes with a lot of overlooked apps. While it’s unlikely you’ll need every single tool they offer, chances are there are some hidden gems that may save you time. Spark is a fantastic tool, especially for design novices who want to create professional images quickly. G Suite also comes with some powerful creative and design tools, like an app maker and a simple website builder.

Before investing in another license or subscription fee, try asking team members what tools they use regularly. You may be surprised.